Technology of modular houses


The construction of a modular house is made of the best material available on the market - i.e. coniferous wood dried with chambers up to 12-18%, the wood is in the C24 strength class, which is imported from Scandinavia, where it grows in a harsh climate, thanks to which the rings are more dense (the wood is properly sorted, construction timber C24 must withstand rotting with a value of 24MPa, which corresponds to a resistance of 1.56T) The timber has the technical approval EN14801-1: 2005 + A1: 2011 and the CE mark. Foundation / Foundation Installation of modular [...]

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Technology of Frame Houses


TECHNOLOGY OF FRAME HOUSES Thanks to the backbone technology, healthy homes can be built quickly and inexpensively, which are more durable and less expensive to maintain than traditional buildings. The most important building material that makes up a frame house is C24 certified construction timber. The raw material for the beams is chamber-dried, milled and planed four times. The material prepared in this way is resistant to biological corrosion and weather conditions. Most often, pine or spruce wood is used, from which the elements forming the frame-and-column structure are made. The external facade does not have to be made [...]

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