We are a design and construction company, we specialize in the construction of modular, single-family and multi-family houses and buildings for various activities. We specialize in design and construction in frame technology, we implement ready-made, individual and proprietary projects.

We have been operating for over a decade, over the years we have deepened our knowledge and gained experience, which we continue to do. We know that technology is still developing, so we keep track of any new solutions that may raise the standard of construction and the quality of our work.

We are very satisfied that we have gained the trust of many of our clients who live and work in the buildings we have erected. We always strive to guarantee the highest level of service. We want to respond to the needs of our clients as well as possible, so before taking the order, we carefully listen to what you expect from us. We are flexible and open to multidimensional cooperation.

If you care about the successful implementation of the project, choose a reliable contractor. We cannot take responsibility for all modular and frame houses in the world, which are built by various companies. However, we can guarantee that the house expertly built by Arthauss will be solid and will meet your requirements.

✓ We operate professionally.
✓ We respect our customers.
✓ We keep our deadlines.
✓ We offer high quality at an attractive price.