Thanks to the backbone technology, healthy homes can be built quickly and inexpensively, which are more durable and less expensive to maintain than traditional buildings.

The most important building material that makes up a frame house is C24 certified construction timber. The raw material for the beams is chamber-dried, milled and planed four times. The material prepared in this way is resistant to biological corrosion and weather conditions. Most often, pine or spruce wood is used, from which the elements forming the frame-and-column structure are made. The external facade does not have to be made of wood. Covering of external walls can be made of, for example, plaster on a mesh, clinker tiles or facade boards.

A frame house will be solid if the right, certified materials were used for its construction, and the construction process was correct and careful, according to the principles of construction art in this technology. The house built by Arthauss is an ideal proposition for people who want to live comfortably and ecologically without paying a fortune.

  • Our houses keep the heat at a low cost in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.
  • The frame house looks nice both in the countryside and in the city, it suits every plot.
  • The fire resistance of frame houses is identical to that of traditional brick houses.
  • The acoustic parameters are more favorable than in traditional construction, the interior of the frame house is quiet.
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  • The frame technology enables the foundation of the house on a base that would not support a heavy traditional house or a log building.
  • A frame house can be rebuilt without costly demolition work.